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Separation can be an ordeal for families and partners. Either prior to or at the time of separation you may need to quickly decide on practical issues, such as the welfare of your children or the division of your assets.

It is important that you seek independent legal advice before you separate or as soon as possible after separating.

Suzy Graham specialised in family law in her own Adelaide based practice before establishing Spencer Gulf Law in 2007. Suzy has a wealth of experience to assist with family law matters ranging from straightforward ‘out of court’ settlements to complex disputes regarding children and property.

The following links provide general advice about various aspects
of family law. The sections are not intended to be exhaustive and are a general guide only. You should obtain independent legal advice before undertaking or becoming involved in any action in any Court.

Applications in the Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court


Children's issues and parenting orders

Property Settlement


Pre-Nuptial Agreements and/or De Facto Cohabitation Agreements

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